Thursday, December 7, 2006

About me

So after having been on the web for about half of my life, I've finally created a blog. Aaaah, the self-indulgence...

I've actually tried to start one before. But I never got further than to register myself at LiveJournal. I wonder if I still have the login info stashed away somewhere.

Anyway, let me introduce myself. I am a 24-year old, recently graduated computer scientist within the field of decentralised distributed systems (more professional stuff about me at LinkedIn).

After university, I've started a software company with two other guys that I've known through university. We are planning to create a new kind of desktop software. More about that later. We're also looking for something to do as consultants to fund ourselves, so if you happen to need the help of three well-educated and honest computer scientists... We know something about Linux, free software, networked systems/clustering and handheld stuff (Palm and PDAs).

Back on track: I live in Aalborg, Denmark with my girlfriend Janne who has almost also finished her Master's (in statistics). Love, sweet love. In my private life I'm interested in classical music, playing the piano (playing since I was eight), reading science fiction stuff, growing home plants, hiking and being kind to the environment. Someday I'm going to buy a windmill. One of the large ones. I'm also a member of Amnesty International. And I'm interested in free software. I've built a couple of free softwares myself and translated quite a few into Danish.

I guess that was it. Thanks for listening. I'll be back.

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