Sunday, May 11, 2014

When three becomes four

It's now a little over three months ago that Janne gave birth to Nor.

Nor, Storm and me a few hours after the birth

He was born almost on time, and slightly disappointingly, he wasn't quite as done as Storm - more wrinkles and odd baby skin.

The birth itself went fast. Despite being warned last time by the midwives, Janne didn't think the birth was actually starting until quite late, so in the end an ambulance came to pick up us and went through the morning traffic with blinking lights and sirens on. A young female apprentice ambulance driver sailed us through the red traffic lights as if nothing was on.

After delivering us at the hospital, everything went pretty smooth and calm, though. Janne is good a giving birth, and in many ways the perfect mother too. I don't think most people think of that when they pick their partner. But I guess some of us are lucky.

I managed to ask the assistant midwife for some help so didn't faint this time either. I swear they turn up the heating every time we're there - this time a technician even came to try to fix it afterwards.

Nor is turning out well and is day-by-day developing the muscles and skills that make us those human beings we are. Keeping the head up and smiling.