Monday, December 12, 2016


That's the feeling you get a late night when you hit M-/ in Emacs (hippie-expand), and Emacs doesn't use the web page you are looking at in Firefox as a source to auto-complete the word you've halfway written.

I think I need to retrain myself to use the browser built into Emacs.

Some people use an IDE that semantically analyses their code and pops up a suggestion box at every opportunity with an exhaustive list of valid choices.

I program with structural templates/duck types in Python and Emacs lets me complete all sorts of stuff, in comments, from other comments, or from the documentation I'm editing. It'll sometimes suggest some weird stuff, including whole line completions. It doesn't care. I don't care. I guess we're hippies.

Hippie van by ma noelle
It won't complete stuff we haven't shared between each other recently, though. I suppose the Lisp engine would rather get into it than wade through a lot of boring code analysis.