Sunday, February 24, 2008


No update for a long time. I've been busy, mostly at work but also at home with the garden.

I currently have our small garden full of bulbs. Many already have the first small leaves up, including some daffodils and tulips (in spite of it still being February!). I've buried so many bulbs that I have but the faintest idea of what is where. The last few batches are pretty much placed completely randomly.

I've also invested in seeds from Plant World Seeds. I chose them because they have several bags with different mixtures; our garden is not of a size where it's relevant with 50 flowers of the same kind. Janne also bought some seeds from a Danish merchant, mostly small flowering trees, so the house is now full of pots with moist soil and small white labels.

I'm currently mostly excited about the 12 pots of clematis montana (four seeds in each pot, unfortunately it can take three months before we see any seedlings), and a bag of dactylorhiza maculata (heath spotted orchid) that I haven't figured out how to sow yet. The funny part is that we haven't even sowed half of the seeds. The summer is still a bit too far away for most of them. I think we're going to have a problem by then.

I read somewhere that the original meaning of "paradise" is a garden. Last year it was a little empty. Not surprising given that I dug all of it in April and May. But we'll see this year.

In other news, I've spent some time today and yesterday working on time series support in Flot. I just committed the code to the SVN repository. I need to clean up a couple of things, test it a bit more and write up some documentation before release. Next on the list is reviewing the patches on the bug tracker and on the mailing list.