Saturday, February 3, 2007


My mother has bought the scores for the chromatic fantasia and fuga by J. S. Bach (BWV 903) for me, apparently mostly because she heard it in the radio, liked it and then the scores suddenly were there in the book shop.

So I have been trying to find a free recording of the piece on the web. I don't have time to study it right now, but I need to know where to put it in the ever-growing stack of pieces I'm planning to work on in the future. No real luck yet, although I managed to find a very nice sample on harpsichord by George Malcolm (a famous harpsichord player). Still looking for a piano recording, although I suspect I will have to visit the library or spend some money on it.

I ended up on Magnatune. Their collection of classical music has grown quite a lot. Apparently about 30% of their sales are for classical music, no wonder, they have some real gems in there. I'm currently listening to the French Suites after having enjoyed Rameau for a moment. There's nothing like harpsichord solos to bring forth the baroque mood. Tiring after while, unfortunately, I suspect because of the lack of dynamics. That's one point a Yamaha keyboard has going for it. You can play harpsichord with graduated touches.

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