Friday, September 19, 2008

Listening to music and

Some time ago Anders created a group for YayArt. Anders showed me how Rhythmbox can integrate with, reporting in what I'm listening to. So I ended up creating a profile.

At first I find pretty confusing and leave it at that. A couple of days pass where I play music from my personal collection with Rhythmbox. Then I visit again. Behold, now it has lots of interesting suggestions. I just click "Play your recommendations" and I get a pretty varied assortment of music. You can control the stream to some degree by either hitting love or ban to what you're listening to.

There are some minor glitches, e.g. I yesterday loved too many film music pieces so it was getting a bit stuck on that kind of music until I started banning some of the pieces, but overall it's working incredibly well.

An interesting side effect is that you can listen to people's music taste. Now if I only knew someone on whose music taste I would like to listen to... My profile is here in case you want to listen to mine.

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