Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Battle scene revisited

I had a look at the battle scene of yesterday. I can see why the youngster was cycling in the middle of the bicycle lane, with the downhill corner and a thorny rose plant leaning over the lane.

But he made two mistakes. He didn't compensate for the fact that he had a sidecar mounted on his bike, leaving too little space for me to get past him unless I drove over the edge of the lane. And with such a dangerous path he failed to pay enough attention to whether someone was coming round the corner. I hope for him that he didn't bang his head so hard in the lane that he suffered a concussion. My little finger is surely still hurting.

In other news I watched Al Gore speak in An Inconvenient Truth today at NOVI. Disturbing non-news. I am still determined to buy a windmill if I ever get rich. A local upstart called ClimAid handed out adverts at the event, they appear to be selling CO2 reductions.

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