Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The duel

What do a young computer scientist and a medieval knight have in common?

They both have to duel to get to work.

I dueled today on my way to work at lunch time. A malefactor rounded the corner downhill just before the tunnel I was parting through. I initially thought we would be able to pass each other without dispute, but no, he went for it with his sidecar. A big clang, my steed was forced to its knees and we were both down in the mud. My opponent hit the trodden road behind me. I landed on my hands, gauntlets taking most of the shock but little finger crushed, though not broken, then got on my feet to witness his fate.

He did not came back for another round, instead he simply glared at me, still seated on his charger on the ground, blood trickling from his face. A fair lady ran to his help; yet another tender champion ready for the hospital. Pity his ill fate. I turned my attention to my steed, its neck turned around, mud in the ear, but otherwise virtually unharmed. Checking up on my opponent again, I eventually left the scene of battle.

No young upstart shall bring a seasoned warrior down for good. A duel was fought, blood was spilled, but in the end we both survived, without permanent injury I believe.

But I don't think I'll be able to dig the rest of the garden the next couple of days.

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